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KFIR Tuesday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

KASH PATEL: Here’s How Secretary Of Defense Lloyd Austin Destroyed the National Command Authority


Biden climate envoy John Kerry continues to withhold the names of staffers


Conservatives compare Johnson’s bipartisan spending deal to that responsible for McCarthy ousting


Republicans threaten to remove Biden from 2024 ballot mirroring efforts to remove Trump from ballot

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KFIR Friday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Hero in Paris train terror attack makes competitive bid for Democrat-held Oregon House seat


Joe Biden: ‘No Deportations’ for Illegal Aliens Until They Commit a Felony


Over 2/3 of voters say violent protests hinder civil rights cause


Census data boosts Trump, showing record income gains and historic low poverty

KFIR Thursday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Who Would Have Thought? Masks Are Being Required But Only for Specific Races in One County.


Coronavirus Cases Are Climbing Again. So What?


Gallup study: Media rank dead last in public trust


Strzok notes: Comey deemed Flynn calls with Kislyak ‘legit,’ but investigated anyway

Crescent Valley Raiders Graduation

Congratulation Crescent Valley Raiders 2020 Graduation Class.  Click her for a replay of  the broadcast.

ISPY Radio Show Preview (Saturday 10AM)

Our Guests: Atty. James Hirsen & Timber Unity’s, Angelita Sanchez  

This Week: As much of America starts slowing down, self-quarantining, or through social distancing, we’ve had to rely on the very media that many have wondered if they will ever be truthful, as we assess our way through this challenge. Difficult times for sure.  Challenges that we never imagined a few weeks ago, after a big win to stop Oregon’s cap and trade bill. Only to end up faced with coronavirus, which many states’ governors have used to shut down the economy in their states.

To get a handle on these issues we talk to two people: attorney, James Hirsen, who specializes in media psychology, and Timber Unity’s spokesperson, and small business owner, Angelita Sanchez.

First up is James Hirsen, offering his insights on the media’s irresponsibility on their reporting—or misreporting—as President Trump fights his way to correct problems that Americans are facing. While having to fight off both media and Democrats attacks every step of the way. Apparently, the constant fight the last three years has given him the experience he needed to deal with Corona Virus.

It’s bad enough when the media lies or pushes outright hoaxes, but its perhaps even worse when many times the good news from the president, goes completely unreported.  Instead the, media spends their energy sensationalizing the news, the very information we try to depend on to try to make good decisions for our businesses and families.

Then up next, Angelita Sanchez who takes a more personalized approach as she helps us to understand what our nation’s truckers are experiencing; many of whom are small-businesses owners. Tune in to hear what this vital industry is faced with, as vendors they depend on for work are shut down by government.  She not only gives us insights into the big challenges they face but also tells us of good news she heard from President Trump. Angelita was fortunate enough to join a select number of small business owners for a group telephone call with the President to hear how he’s going to help keep small businesses whole. She says it gave her hope. What she shares will give you hope too.

Lots of information packed into an hour that you don’t want to miss.

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Lars Larson Thoughts

KFIR Monday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Oregon Supreme Court Considers Lake Oswego’s Lake Access Rules


WWII Code Breaker Sworn to Secrecy Breaks Her Silence


This Scientist Says He’s Invented a Water Bottle That Fully Decomposes in Just 3 Weeks


John Kerry’s arrogance — Negotiating with our enemies to undermine Trump and feed his own ego

Disabled Man Pleading For Help Drowns As Teens Laugh And Mock

Authorities in Florida say that a group of teens ages 14 to 16 broke no laws when they recorded a video of them laughing while they watched a 32-year-old disabled man drown in a nearby pond.
The horrible footage was filmed just after noon on July 9 in Cocoa, Florida. Jamel Dunn is heard screaming for help in the final moments of his life as he struggles to keep his body afloat in the water.

‘Oh, he just died’: Horrifying video shows group of teens laughing while watching a disabled man drown in a pond

Oregon Jamboree 2017…Keep it tuned to KFIR 720 AM for your chance to win tickets


Clinton Cash Documentary Movie (Full)

At least 80 dead after grenade filled truck lows into crowd… Developing Story (France)

Footage of truck running into crowd in Nice, France (Disturbing Content)

At least 80 dead after grenade filled truck lows into crowd… Developing Story

Marine’s defense for dissementing classified information will cite Hillary’s case

He self reported sending one classified email…

Click here for the full story from the Washington Post. 

Total annihilation of an ISIS convoy in the desert west of Fallujah (Iraqi Army Aviation) 6/28/16

Terror Attack in Istanbul. At least 31 killed in Istanbul airport attack.

Graphic warning of security forces firing on attacker before he sets off explosion. WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT



Click here for the story updated from Sky News.

The FDA is stockpiling military weapons- and it’s not alone.

Click here for the full story.

Young people asked to match quotes to Clinton or Trump- See how they react when they learn the truth

The “squares” in the challenge include the following:

• “This candidate wore a $12,000 suit while giving a speech about inequality.”

• “Which candidate said they carry hot sauce everywhere they go to ‘pander’ to black voters?”

• Which candidate said, “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president we will attack Iran if it attacks Israel. We would obliterate them”

• “Which candidate made a joke about ‘colored people time’ saying that black people are always late?”

• “Which candidate suggested a 12-year-old rape victim made up accusations because she enjoyed ‘fantasizing about older men’”

• “This candidate accepted millions of dollars from the kings of Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Oman.”

The Campus Reform reporter then informed the respondents that the answer to every single one was Hillary Clinton, leaving them stunned.

“Oh, that makes me sad,” one woman replied.

“Wow,” another said.


Click here for the full story from the Blaze.