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KFIR New Weekend Programing


  • 6-9am Bill Handle
  • 9-10am M2 Outdoors Show
  • 10-11am ISPY Radio Show
  • 11am-2pm Leo Laporte The Tech Guy
  • 2pm-4pm Let’s Talk Nutrition
  • 4-5pm Lock N Load
  • 5-7pm Gun Talk
  • 7-10pm Arc of Midnight w/John Wells
  • 10pm-12am The Car Doctor




  • 8am The Lutheran Hour
  • 8:30am Purity
  • 9-10am Gun Talk
  • 10-11am Purity Hour
  • 11am-2pm Leo Laporte The Tech Guy
  • 2-4pm Sons of Liberty
  • 4-7pm Car Pro USA
  • 7-10pm Bill Cunningham
  • 10pm-12am Law Enforcement Today
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