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CDC director: COVID vaccine likely to be distributed by second week of December


Robert Epstein: Google Shifted a ‘Minimum’ of 6 Million Votes in 2020


Group files emergency petition in Wisconsin after finding 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots

KFIR Tuesday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Oregon man foiled in attempt to steal 108 rolls of white gold (toilet paper), sheriff’s officials say


Governor: Call the Cops on Your Neighbors


Twitter Censors Trump and Campaign 262 Times, Biden Still at Zero


A dozen compelling allegations of voting irregularities in 2020 election

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New Restrictions go into effect July 24th

Today Governor Brown announced that new rules will go into effect on Friday July 24 statewide:


1.  Face covering requirement expanding to include younger children. Children over 5 must wear face coverings indoors and outdoors when distancing isn’t possible.

2.  People must wear face coverings in gyms, even while exercising.

3.  Lowering gathering size limits for indoor venues, such as bars and restaurants, movie theaters, houses of worship from maximum of 250 down to 100. Outdoor venue cap is 250.

4.  In Phase 2 counties, service at restaurants must end at 10 pm instead of midnight. Phase 1 counties already have a 10 pm limitation.


In addition, the Governor is working with surrounding states to consider travel restrictions for tourists entering Oregon from hot spot states.


For additional information on COVID rules and operations in Oregon see:


For information on county stages see:

KFIR Friday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Coronavirus cancellations: Outrage over lack of refunds as 59 million people lost money


Grassley And Johnson Request FBI Director Wray Turn Over All FBI Records On Crossfire Hurricane


‘Responsible for many deaths’: Trump accuses Pelosi of deleting video encouraging public gatherings in February after China travel ban


Sources believe coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan lab as part of China’s efforts to compete with US

Fake Coronavirus Testing Sites Offer Swabs For Cash

KFIR Friday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Navy relieves captain who raised alarm about coronavirus outbreak on aircraft carrier


Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Bought Up Slack, Microsoft, and Alphabet Securities


San Francisco bans reusable shopping bags to stop coronavirus spread


FDA Commissioner Approves Coronavirus Antibody Test Produced By Cellex Inc., The First Of Its Kind

KFIR Wednesday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Pursuit leads to man floating downriver on log


Gov. Cuomo refused to buy more ventilators in 2015, opting instead for rationing


Arizona man drinks poison and dies. Media blame Trump


More Americans Approve Of Trump’s Coronavirus Response Than The Media’s


Pelosi’s Coronavirus Plan: Up to $1,000,000,000 for Sanctuary Cities

KFIR Tuesday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Cyberattack hits U.S. health department amid coronavirus crisis


U-Haul offers free self-storage to college students affected by coronavirus


Communist China threatens to deny lifesaving coronavirus medication to the US


Coronavirus: Facts vs. Panic

KFIR Thursday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Google tracked his bike ride past a burglarized home. That made him a suspect.


The clock is ticking for Governor Kate Brown on a billion dollar logging bill


2020 NCAA Tournament games to be played without fans in attendance due to threat of coronavirus


FBI’s Russia collusion case fell apart in first month of Trump presidency, memos show

KFIR Friday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Crescent Valley Raiders Play Off basketball starts LIVE on KFIR 720 AM at 5:10 PM.

Churchill Lancers vs Crescent Valley Raiders with Danny Havel and Coach Tony


Bernie Sanders says he will drop out if Joe Biden has more delegates by the convention — even if he doesn’t have the majority


Bojangles Manager Locks Trump Supporters Out Of Restaurant


Mitt Romney signals that he may kill Burisma subpoena


SCOTUS rules illegals can’t steal IDs

KFIR Friday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Forcing us to get consent before selling browser histories violates our free speech, US ISPs claim


Mick Mulvaney calls Republicans hypocrites on deficits: ‘A lot less interested’ under Trump than Obama


‘New Red Scare’: House Democrats scrutinize FBI investigations into ethnically Chinese scientists


‘I can think of one’: Scalise offers Keith Ellison example of ‘Bernie Bro’ being ‘mean’

KFIR Tuesday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Russian Pranksters: We Tricked Bernie Sanders into KGB ‘Sleeper Agent’ Activation Ritual with ‘Greta Thunberg’


Opioid vending machine opens in Vancouver


Ballot-initiative effort to move eastern Oregon counties to Idaho gains momentum; leader calls it ‘peaceful revolution’


Mexican migrants sent record $36B in remittances in 2019

KFIR Thursday headlines. Tune in to 720 AM for more stories.

Cap and trade and the price of gas


Frostbitten cat fitted with 3D printed prosthetics after losing all of her feet


ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 291,000 Jobs in January


Nancy Pelosi was caught on camera PRACTICING ‘the rip heard round the world’ even though her office denied allegation that she planned to tear up Trump’s State of the Union all along