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More and more evidence that the Tea Party rallies of 2009 were not at all like the ‘occupy’ encampments.  Portland Police arrested two people over the weekend at the Occupy Portland camp.  Both were convicted drug criminals.  A 28-year old man was arrested on an outstanding warrant.  A 34-year old woman was arrested on a methamphetamine-related parole violation.  She told police that she was the “resources director” for Occupy Portland.  Regulars said they had no such position–that they prefer no organized leadership at all.  In Eugene, the city council has been told by the city manager to legalize the illegal camp–to grant a waiver from the no-camping law to the ‘occupy’ protesters.  Because Eugene has not enforced the law uniformly, the ‘occupy’ encampment has been swollen by homeless campers, against whom the anti-camping law has still been enforced.  Police say homeless campers—many of whom have drug and violent crime records–have been joining the ‘occupy’ protests around the country for a free, no-hassle place to camp, do and sell drugs, and get free donated food.

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