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President Obama told an audience of rich supporters in Seattle over the weekend that the Republican vision for America–not raising taxes in a recession, reducing government bureaucracy and regulation on job-creation, reducing the deficit, drilling for American oil and natural gas, protecting the border,  resisting another multi-billion dollar thinly disguised pay-off to Democratic Party constituencies, whether it is called Stimulus-two or the Obama ‘jobs’ bill,  repealing or un-funding the unpopular, cost-ballooning, service slashing Obamacare bill, controlling the presently out-of-control cost of public employee pensions and benefits, and generally getting  big-government czars off the backs of Americans striving for excellence—that vision would “fundamentally cripple” the country.  Obama’s audience paid $36,000 a couple–so, for the moment, he stopped demonizing the rich.  He said he has tried nothing but sensible reforms since he took office to improve the economy and give people more opportunity.  His weekend campaign tour skipped Oregon.

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