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Samsung Alias 2 Uses E-paper Keys

On yesterday’s Morning Show I mentioned the new version of Samsung’s Alias phone, appropriately named the Alias 2. This phone is significant because it uses so called “e-paper” or “e-ink” displays for each of the keys. This allows the keys to change what is printed on them depending on what you’re using the phone for at the time.

If you’re making a call, the phone will display the standard numeric 10-key layout found on the majority of phones. If you’re typing out a text message or e-mail, the keys will show up as the QWERTY layout we all know from our home computers. It even lets you cycle through sets of symbols.

Phone Scoop created a demonstration video showing off the Alias 2, check it out below. The keyboard’s fancy feats get shown off starting around 1:10 into the video.

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