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Paul Harvey Letter from God

So God Made a Farmer (Paul Harvey)

I Fought For You

Paul Harvey Keynote… It was his last speech to the radio industry .

Fireside Chat Ep. 125 — Coronavirus: Panic or Pandemic?

The Bill That Killed Freelance


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U.S. begins to withdraw some troops from Afghanistan


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Drug Company CEO On Fox News Touts His Company For Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘Earliest The End Of The Year’


Gov. Brown and Inslee apply the usual solution, name a task force, declare an emergency, demand millions and cross their fingers to combat the Coronavirus

Carry-Licensed Security Guard Arrested For HollowPoint Ammo

What is Right to Repair? An introduction for curious people.

From slave to rebel gladiator: The life of Spartacus – Fiona Radford

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