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A group of University of Oregon students ‘dropped dead’ yesterday outside the EMU student union to protest rampant drug violence.  The students picked Cinco de Mayo to make their point about what they called senseless gun violence by Mexican drug cartels–tens of thousands of victims, they said, in Mexico, South America, and the U.S.  Their solution???? It’s not controlling the border better, or targeting cartel gunmen.  They want people  to call Congress and urge lawmakers to legalize any and all drugs that anyone wants to use any time–and de-fund the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Meanwhile, the university administration is asking state legislators to approve bonding for two huge new projects on campus.  They want to demolish the EMU student union and build a huge new one, and another student recreation-centered building that would have two swimming pools, and tons of space for student recreating and lounging.  The U of O Vice President for Student Affairs says the 160 million dollar project is needed to make the campus ‘livlier’ for students.

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