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Top Signs You Drank Too Much on St. Patrick’s Day

You’re still peeing green

You went home with a girl and woke up with “Oh Danny Boy”

You held a girls hair while she puked, then made out with her

You lost your voice saying “I love you man” 4000 times

Your corned beef smells like cabbage

You woke in prison wearing your “Kiss me I’m Irish” pin on your ass

When the guy said “Do you want some Irish in you?” you didn’t realize he meant sexually

You went out in jeans and a tee shirt came home in kilt and a thong

You were so drunk you thought you cheated on your boyfriend…with your boyfriend

You conference called 4 ex girlfriends with one drunk dial

You woke up proud to be Italian

You’re convinced St. Patrick is the patron Saint of holding someone’s hair while they puke in a urinal

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