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Ever Wonder How a Curveball Works?


Each year the Neural Correlate Society sponsors The Best Visual Illusion of the Year contest. This year’s winner is an illusion that demonstrates how the break of a curveball causes the brain to think the ball is changing direction. I would try to explain it, but it is simply something you have to see for yourself. Hit the link or the photo to check it out!

The runners up include an illusion which shows how the eyes interpret color and one showing how our brains determine the sex of someone we’re looking at. The latter is my favorite. Two variants of photo of an androgynous face are presented. One has reduced contrast and the other increased contrast, making them appear lighter and darker. This small difference causes our brains to identify one face as female and the other as male—even though they are the same face.

And be sure to just have some fun looking around the site. Take advantage of the “Try a Random Illusion” links in the left column and you could end up sinking hours of your time looking at awesome illusions!

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