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  • 2nd Quarter GDP comes in at 4% growth

    The first reports about the second quarter GDP numbers of 4% growth should be a pleasant surprise to investors.
    Full Story Here… However, Investors are far more concerned about the Federal Reserve policy meeting and whether they are going to increase short term interest rates.

    The stock market is currently trading lower despite the great GDP numbers. Why do investors ignore this good news? it is because they understand that in the first quarter the original numbers they came out with, had GDP growth numbers of almost 3%. And then the first revision came out, which took it down to about 1% GDP growth. About a month ago the final GDP numbers came in at negative 2.9% GDP growth. The morale of the story is that the federal governments data on the economy is unreliable at best and intentionally misleading at worst.

  • Jesse Ventura wins 1.8 Million vs. sniper Chris Kyle in defamation trail

    A Minnesota jury ruled in majority favor of Jesse Ventura on Tuesday, awarding him a sum of 1.8 million dollars. Ventura’s legal argument was that Chris Kyle had defamed him publicly in his book “American Sniper”. Ventura’s Lawyer Olsen said Kyle’s claims that Ventura said he hated America, thought the U.S. military was killing innocent civilians in Iraq and that the SEALs “deserve to lose a few” had made him a pariah in the community that mattered most to him — the brotherhood of current and former SEALs. Full Story Here…

    According to 8 out of the 10 jurors they thought that Kyle had in fact defamed Ventura, costing him a lot of money in his career. This case is especially sad because of Kyle’s death at a gun range in last year, has left his widow to pay out the judgment. Both men are former Navy Seals with distinguished records. It is unfortunate that things worked out this way.

  • Anti-Semitism in Europe is growing at a frighting rate

    The recent military incursion by the Israels government into the Gaza strip has brought massive condemnation from their supposed western allies and the United Nations. I concur that this tragedy is awful and that hundreds of innocent Palestinians are dieing. However, I do feel that the state of Israel has every right to defend its citizens from rocket attacks and other forms of violence which are coming from the Gaza strip.

    All that aside, what I find even more disturbing is the dramatic rise in Antisemitism throughout Europe. It is getting super nasty fro Jews living in Britain,France, Germany, and Italy. and another story out Rome here…

    When did these countries populaces suddenly turn on the Jewish people? When we look closer at the protestors the are almost exclusively Muslim’s. It is not like these individuals are just peacefully protesting in the streets, they are spray painting swastikas, hailing Hitler, and causing property damage to Jewish business. In the one month Britain has reported more than 100 hate crimes against Jewish people. This is a very serious and disturbing trend which leads me to ask how did Europe become so antisemitic?

    The answer lies within the structure of the European Union. Under the control of the Eu most of these historically pro Jewish countries have been forced to open their borders to 10 of millions of migrants from Turkey, Palestine, eastern Europe, and many other countries whom have a heavy Muslim population.

    This trend makes me very uncomfortable as here in the US as under the NAFTA agreement we are being led to the same result. With no southern border, we are being invaded by a culture that is far different from ours. Just as the Muslims in Europe these individuals are not looking to assimilate, they are looking to subvert our culture and replace it with pro-Latino message of reconquista or La Raza culture. Keep a watchful eye on the US as she will change as Europe has moving forward into a more integrated North American Union.


  • Monsanto & Obama the unholy alliance

    Michelle Obama announced today that she has enlisted the support of Monsanto to help her push her failing “lets Move” campaign. “When I see a company like Monsanto launch an initiative like this, I feel more hopeful than ever before,” Obama said at a recent event to announce the deal. “We can improve how we make and sell food in this country.”

    “It’s a natural extension of what we do,” Monsanto official Michael Stern, told the Associated Press.

    Maybe so, but it’s not clear how a company that’s primarily known for producing seeds and herbicides for farmers is going to nudge children into eating foods the first lady thinks they should be eating. Full Story Here….

    The only natural thing about this cooperation between the Obama’s and Monsanto is their disturbing relationship. In my opinion this support is a token of repayment for the president signing a law a recently, which provides blanket immunity for the Monsanto corporation from lawsuits. Full Story here…
    That is correct, if in the future it is discovered that GMO foods cause negative health effects to humans. Then the people damaged by their products will have no legal recourse. That sounds like the America you know and love right?

    In fact and by definition this type of cooperation between huge multinational corporations and governments is Fascism. I would encourage everybody to do their own research on the effects of GMO’s in other types of animals.
    Full Story here… The FDA allows Monsanto to do their own studies for safety, despite the obvious conflict of interest.

    Monsanto spends millions of dollars trying to prevent GMO labeling in every state that it comes to the ballet on. This year in Oregon it will be a huge battle that hopefully result in GMO labeling being required. I will leave you with this thought. If GMO’s where so safe, then why did they lobby for immunity from prosecution for the effects of their product and why do they not want Americans to know if their are GMO’s in their products? It does not take a rocket scientist to deduce that they have something nefarious to hide. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a ?


  • Feds fund robotic personal trainers for your children.

    The project will develop a “new breed of sophisticated ‘socially assistive’ robots,” designed to help children “learn to read, appreciate physical fitness, overcome cognitive disabilities, and perform physical exercises,” according to a news release by Yale University when the grant was first announced in 2012.

    “Just like a good personal trainer, we want the robots to be able to guide the child toward a behavior that we desire,” said Brian Scassellati, a computer science professor at Yale and principal investigator for the study.
    full story here…..

    In a day and age where the National Stasi Administration or NSA records every phone conversation, email, and text message into a database for future use doesn’t creep you out. Then this story will seem relatively benign. However, if you are totally creeped out by the Nanny state telling you how to live your life and raise your children you will find this report very alarming.

    The article talks about how great it will be to create robots to teach your children to read, workout, and all the other activities normally associated with parents teaching children. Though the article says that the robots are not to replace the function of the parents role in the child’s life, despite them being programmed replicate those functions exactly.

    For those of you that have not realized that the future of labor around the world will be centered around robots, hopefully this will provide you with a little wake up call. Robots are scheduled to replace the majority of unskilled laborers and retail workers by 2050. Just one example is in Japan, where their is a counsel at the McDonald’s to take your order instead of a human being. It is similar to the self-checkout at the grocery store.

    This trend will replace cheap foreign labor as the technology improves and becomes more affordable for companies to replace their workers with robots or different forms of machines. The more demands made on employers by governments for workers will only increase this process. Why would you pay somebody 15 dollars per hour to take orders at McDonald’s when you can replace them with a kiosk. It has already begun and it is a disturbing trend for the future.

    This brings us back to this education robot, which in my opinion will accomplish a few different objectives for the nanny state.
    1) It will put another device in the home which will be able to monitor, record, and report on the behavior of the child, as well as the parents. If you think this is unlikely, you should look up the reports from a few years back, where they were spying on kids at home through their school issued laptops.
    2) It will indoctrinate/normalize the acceptability of taking orders from robots in the minds of very young and impressionable children.
    3) With parents that the state deems are unfit to raise their children, they could require a robot such as this to be in the home. As an example in Britain they have a program where CCTV cameras are installed in the home to ensure the children have a good environment. If these parents refuse they lose their welfare benefits.

    These are just a few of the trends that I see coming out of this program. Decide for yourself whether the coming robotic revolution is going to benefit humanity or effectively replace it. You already see the impact of what drones are having on the military and warfare. What is to think that the effect on the economy will be any different.


  • New poll shows that 67% of Americans believe country more divided than 4 years ago

    Sixty-seven percent (67%) of Likely U.S. Voters say America is a more divided nation than it was four years ago. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just seven percent (7%) think the country is less divided now, while 21% rate the level of division as about the same. Full story here….

    Another question on the poll asked if they thought that the country was headed in the right direction. Only 25% of them thought that America was on the right track. I personally think that this is a pretty high number considering that congress only has a 7% approval rating and the dictator in chief is around 40% approval.

    This begs us to question why has America has become so divided? In my opinion it starts with leadership and ends with accountability. In the United States we have neither. The populace has become so focused on their daily lives and become so disempowered due to economic adversity, that they do not have the time or inclination to become politically self-aware. This leads to a few different trends. First, it has led to dismal voter turnouts for both presidential and midterm elections. Second, it has led to the most uniformed voting populace in the history of the country, who votes for goodies or along party lines.

    The leadership that we have in both parties are unaccountable and are effectively agents for the large multinational corporations. Don’t think that is true? When is the last time a CEO of a fortune 500 company went to jail? Ken Lay Enron ? The American people have been drawn into thinking that Race, Religion, and Party affiliation is what defines them as a group within the geopolitical landscape. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The only classification that matters to the elite interests who influence our country is the amount of wealth and power one has.

    In order to return the greatest experiment in personal freedom the world has ever seen to glory. Individuals must shed the a fore mentioned classifications and concentrate on what brings us together in solidarity. If you wonder what that is, read the bill of rights and think about what kind of future your children are going to have.
    A house divided cannot stand, meaning that if we don’t come together as a nation of self-empowered free thinking citizens and demand accountability from our leaders. The United States will exist in name only, as that everything that had made here the greatest nation in history will be gone.


  • The proof is in the pooding or Putin?

    U.S. officials, some speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss administration strategy, said the shooting down of the civilian jetliner —- blamed by the U.S. on pro-Russian separatists armed by Russia —- should ignite anti-Putin sentiment and push reluctant EU countries to catch up to the more stringent sanctions the U.S. had imposed last week. Dutch and other European citizens were among the 298 passengers and crew that perished.
    Full Story here….

    The US will continue to push it European allies to increase economic sanctions against the Russian Government over the Malaysian airline shoot down. Many European countries have been reluctant to damage their own economies, in order to put pressure on Putin and the Russian government. However, with this travesty being blamed on the Putin directly in the western media, allies in Europe will effectively be shamed into acquiescing to Washington’s power play.

    There are still many questions to be answered. Why was the this flight flying over an active war zone, where western Ukrainian bombers have been operating for over a week? and one of those bombers was shot down just days before this flight? All US flights per the FAA had been told to stay out of the region for over a month.

    With all this finger pointing going on, nobody in the mainstream media can answer the most relevant question. That is what would Putin and the Russian government have to possibly gain by ordering the rebels or their military to shoot down a civilian passenger jet? On the flip side what would they have to lose? They would stand to lose everything regarding with relationships with their European allies.

    What is the truth? we may never know for sure. However, it is evident that this incident will further us down the path to a cold-war relationship with Russia and her allies. War is never a good thing for the common people of the world.


  • Did MH17 plane fly offcourse towards eastern Ukraine?

    Breaking news this morning regarding the Malaysian passenger jet which was shot down in eastern Ukraine. The report claims that upon entering Ukrainian airspace the pilot of MH17 decided to change course, which resulted in the jet flying over the heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine. The eastern Ukrainian rebels had shot down a western Ukrainian/NATO war bomber on Monday. So it would be very easy for them to mistake a jet at 33,000 feet and shoot it down. Full Story Here….

    As I stated in yesterdays article, the western Ukrainian government is the aggressive side in this proxy war right now. They have been shelling cities wholesale and high altitude bombing runs with high civilian causalities. Despite their tactics the have not been able to make much headway in retaking eastern Ukrainian cities. In my opinion, the newly appointed government in Kiev by far has the most to gain from possibly redirecting a commercial airliner into a hot war zone. If that plane would be shot down by mistake or intention they would be able to demonize their opposition further in the minds of the international community. Further this would lead to more NATO support and possible US intervention into the area.

    I am not a fan of Putin, however, just because you may not like somebody doesn’t mean you should forgo your common sense and ability to critically think about the facts and their implications. I encourage everyone to think for yourself, because if you let the mainstream media do your thinking for you….your in trouble on so many levels.


  • Department of Justice: We heard about IRS missing emails on the news

  • Breaking: Passenger Plane shot down over Ukraine

    Reports are just coming in that a Malaysian Passenger plane has been shot down over the Ukraine. All 295 Passengers are reported to have not survived the crash. Full story here…

    It will be important to see how this tragedy will effect the civil war in Ukraine. A civil war which has escalated within the last few weeks, with the western backed president in Kiev pushing hard into the eastern part of the country. There have been reports of massive shelling of cities, leading to high civilian casualties.

    Another round of sanctions by the U.S. against Russia has already raised tensions to the next level. And with the U.S. claiming that the recent bombing on the eastern border is a Russian false flag attack, I would not be surprised if they don’t lay the responsibility of this plane attack at the feet of the eastern Ukrainian rebels and the Russians.

    Everyone will be quick to point the finger, however lets not forget that in these proxy wars, rebels on both sides are nearly impossible to control. Both Western leadership and Russian leadership in reality share the responsibility for arming and funding these groups.

    In my personal opinion, I see the western media blaming Russia, as they blamed Assad in Syria for the chemical weapons attack. An Attack which was later proven to be perpetrated by the quote “freedom fighters” backed up by Turkey and the west. The same group who is now lovely referred to as ISIS.


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