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  • Army Officer not allowed at daughters school because he is in uniform

  • Nuclear Plant soft target ahead of 9/11

    In another prime example of government oversight, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear power plant is virtually unguarded. Full story here… A reporter and videographer drove from the nation’s capital last Friday to Calvert Cliffs and twice accessed the power plant site. No one stopped or even seemed to notice them.

    TheDC was able to proceed through an unmanned security checkpoint — the guard booth was empty and padlocked — and, minutes later, enter a parking lot about 550 feet away from one of the plant’s two nuclear reactors.

    This type of situation is unacceptable in a day and age where terrorists are actively seeking ways to attack the US. This is akin to having the TSA harass Citizens but turnaround and let illegal immigrants board the same plane with no ID. We have an administration who has ordered a stand down on the southern boarder. The American people are at risk because of the policies of the federal government. I would not be surprised when an attack happens on a target just like this nuclear power facility. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best this September 11th.


  • Human brains can communicate directly with each other.

    I always had a feeling that telepathy was possible. In the following experiemnet they use some computer assistance,but are able to send a message over 5,000 miles away amazing! Check out this article for the full story.


  • McCain on Arming ISIS Freudian slip or inadvertant disclosure, you decide.

    About a minute into this interview McCain states that the entire security council recommended that we arm ISIS. Then he goes on to say the Obama said no. What an obvious lie since we know from yesterdays post and a ton of supporting evidence that is exactly what took place. We armed ISIS with weapons from Libya via Turkey and now according to McCain and his buddies in the Military industrial complex we have to go back into the middle east to destroy them. Sound Familiar? Problem, Reaction, solution the Hegelian Dialectic is in full swing.

    Now you have Cameron the British prime minister talking about air strikes in Syria and Obama talking about deploying troops there and in eastern Europe. Will the people of the world ever realize that a war on Terror, like the war on drugs, poverty, and every other conflict with no clearly measurable goals to win, will never end. When a nation is defeated like Germany in WW2, which is the last war we have ever won by the way, puts up the white flag it is over. However, when we capture a terrorist another one just takes there place. By design the war on Terror is never ending, because they can always find or classify a new group of people as terrorists. Like now you will find from Eric Holders own mouth that the number threat to our country is not Al Queda or ISIS, but rather domestic terrorists. What they mean is that returning veterans, constitutionalists, and anybody else critical of Government is the new Al Queda.

    The American people need to start holding the government accountable period or we may wake up one day on the wrong side of the government be good stick.

    Nuff Said


  • Verified U.S. armed factions of ISIS and now is dealing with the repercussions

    After the attack on the Benghazi consulate where ambassador Stevens and others were murdered. Many Americans thought that the official story was bogus. When you study the facts of the attack and the timeline until a response by our military, it became clear that their was a major cover up by the administration. Many quote conspiracy buffs thought it was a straight up assassination of Stevens, because he was blowing the whistle on military arms being transferred from Libya through Turkey and into the hands of the Free Syrian Army.

    Now we are seeing that this theory has more truth than speculation, as the Free Syrian Army has been rolled into ISIS and is terrorizing the middle east armed with the very weapons that we helped supply them. Check out the video above and at the end of it the general admits to these conclusions. He tees it up as an oversight, however how many times is this going to happen before the American people Wake Up! We armed the mujaheddin to fight the Russians in the 80′s under the leadership of “Osama bin Laden”, you remember that guy right?

    When are we as an American people going to say to our government stop funding proxy wars! Once you arm and train these quote “Freedom Fighting Rebels” you have no control of them and who they target. Now the freedom fighters are quote “Terrorists” and we have to sacrifice American Lives and Treasure to defeat them, despite us in effect creating them. Are you starting to see a pattern emerging here?

    Keep this in mind as I am sure you will see another example of this in the near future. In Fact, are we not seeing this in the Ukraine right now? You have the Russian Government arming the eastern Ukrainian rebels and on the other side you have NATO arming and supplying an non-NATO member. This cannot continue without one of these regional proxy conflicts escalating into a full out war between nation states. Are the American people going to stand by while the Dictator an Chief continues to fumble around the world with his inflammatory foreign policy?

    We as a nation are in the Valley of the Shadow of Death and haven’t even realized it. If ISIS, Ukraine, or Israel conflicts escalate further, we could see the US drawn into a very expensive and bloody conflict with no end in sight. We need a leader who can project strength of military, however resolve problems diplomatically with economic incentives that are mutually beneficial to both interests. Not Obama, who projects weakness militarily while going around and jabbing people in the eye with a sharp stick.

    Nuff Said

  • Challenge Accepted! Steve from the KFIR morning show support ALS research

    The Ice Bucket challenge to help fight ALS or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease has gone viral. We here at KFIR support this movement to fight this horrible disease. If you wish to participate please make all donations here. here
    If you wish you can type “KFIR” in the donor recognition box.

    Check out this great video of Steve from the KFIR Morning Show supporting the great cause of fighting ALS.

    Craig Martin Sweet Home City Manager, you have been challenged!

  • Obamacare now pays for Gender reassignment surgery!

    If Obamacare wasn’t already loaded with coverage’s and procedures that most American tax payers don’t want to pay for, add one more to the list. Gender reassignment surgery is now covered under the new plan and the waiting lists are already filled for months. Full Story Here… Now individuals who are one sex and want to be another can now get this elective procedure and have you pay for it.

    What does this say about our culture in America? Countries around the world that have strong religious or moral beliefs must find this development horrifying, ridiculous, or both. It would be one thing if you were born as an Transvestite and wanted the extra parts removed, so that you could live as one sex for the rest of your life. However this is not the case, these individuals are born complete as one sex and have now decided to mutilate their bodies so that they can be the opposite sex.

    This is a country of free people with self-determination and no matter how abhorrent I find this to be, they should be legally allowed to get this procedure. That being said, tax payers should not be forced into paying for these elective procedures. What is to stop these individuals in the future from changing their minds and then demanding to be changed back into their original sex? What will be next if we continue down this path of anything goes?


  • ATI Art & Air Hot Air Balloon Ride!

    My Girlfriend and I had a wonderful time this morning getting a hot air balloon ride the ATI Northwest Art & Air festival. There are going to be so many activities this weekend that you have to come and be a part of this event. It is free to the public and just $5 dollars for parking. Get all the info here.

    And Watch the video of our exciting experience.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.29.24 PM

  • George Bush Ice Bucket Challenge

  • ATI Northwest Art & Air Festival Aug 22-24th, Timberline Park, Albany

    The annual ATI Northwest Art & Air Festival starts Friday Aug 22nd and goes through Sunday Aug 24th. The event is free to the public and only $5 per car load for parking. What a great value! There are a ton of activities to do and concerts to attend. Find out all about this great event here.

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