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  • Making of aluminum cans

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    Great Video about the making of Aluminum Cans.


    Was Nike involved in the FIFA soccer scandal??? Of course, it was.  Did Nike know about the bribes??? Maybe yes, maybe no.  The indictment talks about an unnamed American sportswear company and a 1996 deal to outfit the Brazilian team.  Nike did that deal and even bragged about it.  If it was a crooked deal, it was apparently done between crooked officials and crooked sports marketing companies——so——–Nike may not have known about it.  Nike says it never knowingly paid bribes, and is cooperating with investigators.


    Majority Democrats in Salem are trying to broker a deal between more liberal Dems and moderates on the issue of mandated paid sick leave.  At issue is whether businesses with only ten employees will have to give anyone who calls in sick the Monday after the Super Bowl a free, paid day off, or whether the threshhold will be 25 employees.


    One Peter Walter in Pendleton has written the city council, asking it to ban smelly farts.  It is probably a piece of political commentary, since he made the request after the council added the strong smell of marijuana to the city’s nuisance code.  Walter says if the city is going after bad smells, farts are the next logical step.  An anonymous source says if a fart ban is not carefully worded regarding animal farts, it could severely hamper the annual Pendleton Roundup Rodeo.

  • Guide Dogs for Veterans

  • Happy Memorial Day Weekend

    KFIR 720 AM wishes everyone a

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend.


  • The cat who slaps alligators

  • Two guys are delighted that their cardboard RC plane actually flies

  • IT’S SUMMER!!!

    The official Memorial Day weekend driving period is upon us.  After you remember our honored dead, Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley has a few other things to remember:  they are adding three part-time deputies this year to patrol the Quartzville corridor and Detroit areas, as camping along the road is illegal this year.  Also, remember that Foster Lake will be full and Green Peter is big…….so, with many other lakes having low water problems, there will be more boats out on those two lakes this year.  And remember, wear your life jacket and be ready to jump into water that is colder this time of year than you might be ready for.

  • Jimmy Kimmel- Unnecessary Censorship with Barrack Obama (Funny)

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