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  • The proof is in the pooding or Putin?

    U.S. officials, some speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss administration strategy, said the shooting down of the civilian jetliner —- blamed by the U.S. on pro-Russian separatists armed by Russia —- should ignite anti-Putin sentiment and push reluctant EU countries to catch up to the more stringent sanctions the U.S. had imposed last week. Dutch and other European citizens were among the 298 passengers and crew that perished.
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    The US will continue to push it European allies to increase economic sanctions against the Russian Government over the Malaysian airline shoot down. Many European countries have been reluctant to damage their own economies, in order to put pressure on Putin and the Russian government. However, with this travesty being blamed on the Putin directly in the western media, allies in Europe will effectively be shamed into acquiescing to Washington’s power play.

    There are still many questions to be answered. Why was the this flight flying over an active war zone, where western Ukrainian bombers have been operating for over a week? and one of those bombers was shot down just days before this flight? All US flights per the FAA had been told to stay out of the region for over a month.

    With all this finger pointing going on, nobody in the mainstream media can answer the most relevant question. That is what would Putin and the Russian government have to possibly gain by ordering the rebels or their military to shoot down a civilian passenger jet? On the flip side what would they have to lose? They would stand to lose everything regarding with relationships with their European allies.

    What is the truth? we may never know for sure. However, it is evident that this incident will further us down the path to a cold-war relationship with Russia and her allies. War is never a good thing for the common people of the world.


  • Did MH17 plane fly offcourse towards eastern Ukraine?

    Breaking news this morning regarding the Malaysian passenger jet which was shot down in eastern Ukraine. The report claims that upon entering Ukrainian airspace the pilot of MH17 decided to change course, which resulted in the jet flying over the heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine. The eastern Ukrainian rebels had shot down a western Ukrainian/NATO war bomber on Monday. So it would be very easy for them to mistake a jet at 33,000 feet and shoot it down. Full Story Here….

    As I stated in yesterdays article, the western Ukrainian government is the aggressive side in this proxy war right now. They have been shelling cities wholesale and high altitude bombing runs with high civilian causalities. Despite their tactics the have not been able to make much headway in retaking eastern Ukrainian cities. In my opinion, the newly appointed government in Kiev by far has the most to gain from possibly redirecting a commercial airliner into a hot war zone. If that plane would be shot down by mistake or intention they would be able to demonize their opposition further in the minds of the international community. Further this would lead to more NATO support and possible US intervention into the area.

    I am not a fan of Putin, however, just because you may not like somebody doesn’t mean you should forgo your common sense and ability to critically think about the facts and their implications. I encourage everyone to think for yourself, because if you let the mainstream media do your thinking for you….your in trouble on so many levels.


  • Department of Justice: We heard about IRS missing emails on the news

  • Breaking: Passenger Plane shot down over Ukraine

    Reports are just coming in that a Malaysian Passenger plane has been shot down over the Ukraine. All 295 Passengers are reported to have not survived the crash. Full story here…

    It will be important to see how this tragedy will effect the civil war in Ukraine. A civil war which has escalated within the last few weeks, with the western backed president in Kiev pushing hard into the eastern part of the country. There have been reports of massive shelling of cities, leading to high civilian casualties.

    Another round of sanctions by the U.S. against Russia has already raised tensions to the next level. And with the U.S. claiming that the recent bombing on the eastern border is a Russian false flag attack, I would not be surprised if they don’t lay the responsibility of this plane attack at the feet of the eastern Ukrainian rebels and the Russians.

    Everyone will be quick to point the finger, however lets not forget that in these proxy wars, rebels on both sides are nearly impossible to control. Both Western leadership and Russian leadership in reality share the responsibility for arming and funding these groups.

    In my personal opinion, I see the western media blaming Russia, as they blamed Assad in Syria for the chemical weapons attack. An Attack which was later proven to be perpetrated by the quote “freedom fighters” backed up by Turkey and the west. The same group who is now lovely referred to as ISIS.


  • Obamacare & Cover Oregon cannot distinguish legal status of enrollees

    In the latest HHS report it states that 1.3 million of the Obama care enrollees have “inconsistencies” in regards to their legal status in the United States. Pretty much this admits that under the honor system which the program uses, illegal immigrants have been able to receive insurance under Obamacare.

    The HHS report explains that four of the 15 state marketplaces — Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Vermont — haven’t figure out a way to resolve their “inconsistencies,” either. Much of this is due to their enrollment systems never having been designed with the capacity to verify applicants, a major oversight (or, perhaps, a deliberate design flaw).

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    In my opinion this is more of the same, where the administration pleads ignorance or ineptitude. In reality more people are realizing that they are just plain corrupt and power hungry.


  • Weird Al Yankovic new release “Word Crimes”

  • Urdu (Pakistan national Language) dictionary found at border

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  • TSA Allows illegal immigrants to fly with no ID; still treats American Citizens like potential terrorists!

    In another classic example of how hypocrisy is the standard operating procedure of the Obama administration. They have directed TSA officials throughout the country to accept “notice to appear” summons given to illegal immigrants flowing over the non-border, as valid ID to fly on commercial flights. Full Story Here…

    Just when you think it could not get more over the top this happens. We as American citizens really need to start asking ourselves some oblivious questions. If the TSA is supposedly in place to protect the Airlines from attack, then why would they allow illegals from other countries to fly on commercial airline flights with no real ID? Some of these immigrants are part of gangs like MS-13 and many of the individuals coming across the boarder are from countries who have real terrorist groups operating within their boarders. More importantly it shows that the TSA is more about creating the illusion of safety, than actually trying to prevent terrorism. To further this point, how can we have national security when the entirety of the southern US boarder is completely undefended?

    After honestly asking yourself these questions and more importantly what they imply, you will not like your conclusions. The fact of the matter is this, the US government is more worried about American citizens being a threat to their complete control of our current society than any external threat. How else would you explain the extent of the Police State in our country? You have the NSA, who is now known as the National Stasi Administration, because of its exact replication of the tactics used in east Germany during the cold war. Lets not forget the federalization of our cities police forces across the nation with increasing military equipment including armored personnel carries and so on. I could go on and on, however it is up to you the American citizenry to inform yourself and resist this double standard being implemented in our country.


  • The Oregonian Opposes Transparency on GMO Labeling

    The Oregonian has been pushing the talking points straight from the Monsanto lobby. They are saying that Oregonians don’t have the intelligence to determine whether or not they want to consume genetically modified foods.

    When you step back and look at how the rest of the world views GMO’s. There are 64 Nations that currently require GMO food labeling. Places like Germany, Australia and even Russia have the right to know whether their food is adulterated at the genetic level. Why doesn’t the world’s beacon of freedom, the United States, advocate for honesty and transparency in the marketplace? How can consumers give true consent to the products that they are purchasing if they are kept in the dark about the food’s origins? Without honest transparent labeling, products in a free market are really not promoting free choice. Without knowing the whole makeup of the food, consumers are coaxed and deceived, practically dictated to eat whatever is put before them without question.
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    I like issues that both liberals and republicans can find common ground on and work to fight corporate cronyism to protect themselves and future generations.
    I have personally read and have watched many informative documentaries on how GMO’s are created and how they function in the biosphere. To sum up the results in a word…frightening!

    I would also encourage you to research the European rat experiments and how after 3 generations the rats were completely sterilized. The FDA allows Monsanto to pay for and run their own safety assessment experiments on how GMO’s effect humans. Do your own research! final thought… It GMO’s where so good for you, then why does Monsanto spend millions lobbing against labeling in Vermont, California, and soon to be Oregon. Also if they were so safe… then why did they get immunity from all future lawsuits from the Obama administration? Full story here…

    Do not discount your own commonsense….

  • Germany tells CIA section chief to leave the country

    In the latest development regarding the NSA spying scandal in Germany, Angela Merkel has asked the CIA section chief to leave the Country. Full Story here….

    This request was due to a German government’s internal investigation targeting a German intelligence officer, who was selling secrets to the CIA. This is off the heels of more leaks by Edward Snowden, which showed details of how the NSA and CIA were spying German citizens even the prime minister herself.

    Germany has repeatedly requested that the US to enter into a no-espionage treaty, like they have with Britain and a few other countries. The US continues to refuse, saying that they have to many conflicting national interests.

    In my opinion all of this spying conducted against Germany by the US will only push them into deeper ties with Putin’s Russia. Between this debacle and the sanctions on Russia pressed by the US on the Germany will cement that relationship further.

    When the US government finally pushes Russia and China into a position where they have to fight, don’t be surprised when Germany and the rest of Europe sit out World War 3 on the sidelines.


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