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A few weeks ago, when Democrats were scrambling to support the “occupy” protests and falsely likening them to the Tea Party movement, polls showed 54% of Americans supported the unruly mobs who said they were protesting corporate greed.   Then came word of mass arrests, tolerance for sex and drug criminals in their midst. Socialist agendas, street blockades, and demands for ‘get out of jail free’ cards.  Support for the ‘occupy’ movement dropped to 37% nationwide.  The latest CNN poll released yesterday shows support for the ‘occupy’ squatters at just 32% nationwide.  Another example of why: the Eugene City Council voted 5-3 to exempt the ‘occupy’ protesters from the city no-camping law–through December 15th.  But, councilors voted that protesters would have to get permission to move their encampment, and its legal status could be pulled if the city manager deems it a danger.  Unclear is whether the protesters, who started camping illegally, would comply with any city directive at any time.  ‘No’ voters on the council questioned the increasing numbers of homeless campers joining the mob (many of whom have violent criminal histories or drug and alc0hol problems) because the no-camping law is still being enforced against them elsewhere in the city.  Organizers expect Alton Baker Park will soon be a muddy mess–to cost taxpayers thousands of dollars to clean up.  They are asking for donations of food, clothing, blankets and tarps to continue the protest through the rainy season.

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